Mountain Bike Training Center

Mountain Bike Training Center benefits

  • 1 Made by professional coaches

    We're experienced riders but more than that - experienced coaches! Our videos are based on years of teaching experience and endorsed by the BICP.

  • 2 Always updated

    Mountain biking is about always learning, so whenever there's something new we can add or refresh we will, the MBTC will always be fresh!

  • 3 Personal feedback

    Members can use our forums and even upload videos to get personal feedback.

  • 4 Progression and self assessment system

    Our videos will give you step by step instruction on how to progress as well as indicators that will help you know you're doing it right.

Can I just buy into one single course?

From our experience as coaches, a lot of difficulties on the trail or with advanced techniques stem from more basic mistakes.

So while we are aware that some of you just want to jump into high speed cornering, it is really important that each student has access to the entire process. You might discover you’re referring to more techniques than you thought you would.

What is the MBTC and who is it for?

The Mountain Bike Training Center is  an online training and coaching resource for mountain bikers of various levels.

Our videos will start from the very basics and progress with you to advanced techniques.

If you’re looking to build a good technical base or if you’re an advanced rider looking to refine and progress your skills, you will find our programs useful.

For instructors, we have specific content on how to improve the experience you can give your students, while you can also use all of the other videos for your self or your students.

What do you get from the MBTC?

The Mountain Bike Training Center has several different areas just for you:

For Members:

  1. Our courses which include various video training programs with clear instructions, progressions and self assessments that will help you build confidence in your riding.
  2. Our forum which allows you to communicate with our coaches and other riders.
  3. Video analysis – you can upload a video of you practicing a move and get personal feedback.

For instructors:

  1. All of the above…
  2. Instructor specific content to enhance your ability with students, such as static holdings, error correction, using cones and other aids and an assortment of professional ideas.
  3. The instructor forum where you can ask about your professional dilemmas whether they be about coaching or about growing your business.

For none members:

Various section of out blog “The Hub” will be open for everyone, as well as our youtube channel and facebook page, so none members can still enjoy some great tips.

How is this different to all the content that's out there?

There’s a lot of great mountain bike advice out on the internet today, and for free too. While we do encourage you to sample all sources of knowledge, here are a few things to take into account:

  1. The Mountain Bike Training Center is run by professional and experienced coaches. We’re not just riders with some advice, we’ve been and still are teaching riders of all levels to improve and we’re responsible for their results on face to face sessions.
  2. Shaums March and the BICP are some of the people behind The Mountain Bike Training Center, so the experience in this is accumulated by a large team of coaches and backed up by an organization which actually certifies instructors around the globe.
  3. We use the progressions and self-assessments which paints a very clear path to success.
  4. Riding is made of complex and connected technique, the MBTC gives you access to the whole system, so you can always jump back and forth and refer to the pre-requisite of each technique.

Is it really possible to improve my riding from videos?

The short answer is yes, but it depends!

It’s important for us to clearly state that just watching videos passively is unlikely to progress you very far.
You might think it will, maybe you hope it will because it sounds easy – but you have to practice!
The MBTC videos are structured to help you practice at your own time and at your own pace, but the only way to get results is to get out there and put some work in!

The Mountain Bike Training Center is in partnership with:

March North West
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