Course Selection

Here are the courses that are currently available to the Mountain Bike Training Center members. Click on each course image to get more details and remember to follow our progressions and self assessment in order to get the best out of our training videos.

Fundamentals: Range of motion


The fundamentals are so important but often overlooked, in this course we’ll cover, in depth, the neutral and ready position and our front to back and side to side movement. With these you can start to build up your ability to perform more advanced techniques.

Brake Control

Controlling your brakes is a critical skill for riding smoothly and safely. Whether you’re heading out for a fun ride or trying to be as fast as possible for a race, good braking and speed control is a skill you should refine.


Descending can be the most fun part of any trail, or a tricky one if you don’t get your balance and descending techniques dialed. In this course, we’ll follow through on a few key points to get you descending with more confidence.

Cornering Course


Great cornering equals great flow. Whether it be high speed corners on a flow trail or tight switchbacks in the woods, good cornering skills take time to develop, we’re here to make it as simple as possible.