Descending can be the most fun part of any trail, or a tricky one if you don’t get your balance and descending techniques dialed. In this course, we’ll follow through on a few key points to get you descending with more confidence.

Descending basics

Descending Basics

Descending can be the most fun part of any trail. Its important to have good control on descents, here are the basics that will help you build confidence for steeper and more technical descents later on.

Steep descents

Steep Descents

Steep descending has a lot in common with more basic, moderate descents. You will, however, require to refine your techniques, use more range of motion and pay attention to your braking and balance.

Descending errors

Descending Errors

Improve your safety, control and confidence on descents by understanding and avoiding these 3 common errors.