Instructors Classes

Be the instructor your students deserve

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Our instructor classes are based on years of experience coaching riders from beginner level to Olympic athletes as well as certifying hundreds of instructors.
We will be covering useful and simple to implement tips such as better viewing and spotting, various static holds, error correction, using markers and more….

Static side hold

Side Hold Vs. Front Hold

More on static holds – this time will go over the Pros and Cons for front hold vs. Side hold – This covers some common errors in static holds, fixing them will benefit your coaching greatly.

Instructors: Viewing and Spotting

Coming Soon: Viewing and Spotting

Your own placement relatively to your student can really change your ability to get a good view and maintain safety in practice. Here we’ll cover a few scenarios and give you some great pointers for your next coaching session.

Instructors: Error Correction

Coming soon: Error Correction

Being a coach has a lot to do with quick and efficient error correction. This section will help you better understand how to spot errors and correct them so your riders can progress more rapidly.