MBTC progressions and self assessments

Understanding progressions and self assessments

The MBTC system is designed to help you progress your riding, whether it to be a faster, more efficient rider, or just to get more fun and confidence out on the trail.

Two keys to achieving your goals are to follow our progressions and self assessments as we mention them throughout our videos.

What are progressions?

Progressions are the correct step by step building blocks that will help you complete a skill successfully. It is important that you don’t try to skip any of them just thinking “you got it” but actually go out and try them before moving on to the next skill or progression.

What are self assessments?

As we’re not out there with you as you practice, the self assessments are indicators that you can use to know if you are performing the exercise or the skill correctly. These will be, as much as possible, things that you can distinctively see or feel while practicing. Don’t skip to the next progression without performing these self assessments.